Calendar App

I think this dates a year from now, i was surfing the web on work hours, these where the days of the Facebook BOOM!  so i had to keep up to date with my friends right? well i was really not getting much productivity out of my time inside Facebook looking at friends from high-school, when i scrolled down to the bottom of the page and there it was… a Shiny looking JOBS link, i still remember not wanting to click it, then my brain rendered a pixel clear image of me, from a 3rd person view, i was on my desk watching pictures of friends on facebook during work hours, you know that cant be right… there was something going on, the moment you get excited by a new job offer that’s when you should move on, it was obvious i wasn’t motivated by my daily tasks, so i clicked away, and send my resume i did…

insert huge void here

…nothing happened,  i didn’t hear back from facebook for around a month, until one morning i woke up to the sound of my iPhone “you got mail alarm”

Facebook Human Resources, contacted me, with this puzzled i had to solve so i could get to the second stage on the processes, i wont give much detail on it i will just post short instructions

Basically the challenge was to build a Calendar app that would take in a certain series of events and print them on a canvas, just 1 catch, if the event had other events colliding on the same times, the width of the elements would have to be the same on all of those and the sum of them would have to fill the full width of the canvas area where you are printing them, so if you had 1 element it would have to be the same width as the canvas area.

Enough Said, here is a link