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Extending Zend_Rest_Server to use namespaces

I’ve been building an API for a project I’m “secretly” working on, and I wanted to have a REST endpoint to consume some resources, I wanted to have my resources divided as follows appname.resource.action for instance: I’m building this app using Zend Framework, I’ts not the first time i have to deal with Zend, but it was the first using the Rest Server component, and I was shock to find the setClass method did support the namespace, but it wasn’t being used, so I decided to roll out my own extending...
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MTR – Homebrew

I recently installed MTR with homebrew and i forgot it’s a X11 app, to install the CLI version do brew install mtr...
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FFmpeg recommended conversion settings for iPad

Just a quick note on how to convert video to and iPad appropiate format I’m using libfaac for aac compression, you can get more conversion helpers here...
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Javascript use of “this” in OOP

I’ve been using javascript more seriously for the past 2 or 3 years, and today i decided to write on one of the most common pitfalls when trying to OOP in javascript, scope… using this can be really tricky, lets consider the following example once you have run this ill explain it a little bit further: the solution here is to pass reference to the parent object on the calling...
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Geocoding API

its a simple API Wrapper for both Yahoo PlaceFinder and The Google Geocoding API . I think i am going to add a new class on top of both to use a single interface for both API’s, seamlessly switching between them when the rate limit on any has been met. Google Rate limit is: 5000 Requests per IP per Day, and Yahoo offers 50,000 Requests per App per Day. ( it is unclear to me if a day is 24 hours from the moment you reach your limit or if you start fresh every new day. ) Source can be found here on github Geocoding API...
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