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is a simple javascript “object” or “class” that can be used to get the center position of your screen, it was originally created to help in displaying modal windows and making sure they are always on the middle buycbdproducts the page. Source can be found here on github screenutil.js...
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Print File size

if you ever want to know the print file size of some images ( or PDF’s like me) try using the ImageMagick `identify` tool, here is an example of what helped...
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New Years resolution

i know every year we try to do something cool and new, but this year ill try to keep it simple, listen to music with my app turned on so i get statistics by the end of next year, and on my holidays for next year ill make a set of visualisations, ill gather data depending on my mood, to try and print a picture of what happened and who i was I during this coming year. Lets just hope the mayans where wrong and that the...
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Pipe Viewer

Found a great command that shows the progress of a command its called Pipe Viewer and you can find it here. Here are some examples on usage: found on this great...
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Flash Gaming

Built this game using the Flixel Library fro Flash, i was teaching an Actionscript Class and we wanted to do something really interesting and different, so we decided to try a Game, since there were a lot of Sprites available on the webs, and we had our sweet loving glory days of playing NES until late night stuck at the back of our heads, we thought it was going to be really easy, right? well… think again, we discovered that back at the 80′s people where thinking about Collision, about refreshing the screen, the level of detail involved in this was CRAZY, by the time the Class ended we...
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